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Watching movies on your smartphone is the most exciting task in today’s world. Certainly your trips or spare time can be quite boring without entertainment. To fill in some excitement in your spare time one of the best possible way is watching movies and tv shows for free on your smartphone and other devices.

Infact, manier times it just strikes our mind to watch a particular movie or episode right at that moment. But if you lack the facility to stream movies on your smartphone, you can just end up spending your time in vain.

To escape you from such situations and clear your confusion we have got list of top 5 movie streaming applications which can stream latest movies and tv shows on your smartphone that too 100% free. The only requirement to fulfill is to have an excellent internet connection.

So let’s follow up top 5 movie streaming applications for Android, Windows & iOS devices


    • ShowBox

ShowBox is an application streams movies and tv shows online for all its users. You can choose different genres, resolutions and languages that suits you the best. It can screen online latest movies with HD video quality and synchronized subtitles.

ShowBox recently went through a maintenance process due to which it lost its few users and top 5 rank. But soon ShowBox will be on the top again with its unlimited movies and tv shows streaming. You can expect few more changes in the app with the coming year. If you want install this app visit Show Box APK 

Price: Free

Availability: Android, Windows & iOS

  1. Terrarium Tv

If you ask me then I can say that I am huge fan of Terrarium Tv. It has been providing me with unlimited stock of movies and episodes that I want to watch. Infact, it contains few movies that are not available on other movie streaming apps.

Terrarium provides offline and online streaming very easily. You can find trustable links, resolutions and 15 plus languages to watch videos in. It supports ChromeCast facility as well. What more can we ask from a movie app?

Price: Free

Availability: Android and Windows


  1. Crackle

Crackle is yet another movie streaming application that only lets you watch movie by streaming. So if you’re a fan of streaming movies online then this is the perfect app for you. It amazingly proves to be in the top 5 rand of movie streaming applications. That may be because of its HD quality movies and excellent tv shows to count on.

The only problem with Crackle is its limited movies and tv show collection which will finish in few months eventually. Therefore, it is not an app for a long run entertainment.

Price: Free

Availability: Android & iOS

  1. NetFlix

NetFlix is a pioneer movie application which can be blamed for enticing people towards smartphone entertainment. It was and is the best movie streaming application. It only stream movies and t shows, you can watch unlimited stock of videos for a free one month trial but in app purchase and monthly subscription is compulsory with this application.

It provides you with best movie quality, resources, language choices, subtitles, chromeCast facility and registration connectivity with other device.

Price: 1 Screen – 500

        2 Screen – 650

        4 Screen – 800

Availability: Android, Windows & iOS

  1. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD is an incredible movie streaming application that entertains you with unlimited movies and tv shows online and offline. You can either stream or download them easily on your smartphone or other devices.

CinemaBox also known as PlayBox HD has been successful in entertaining its users with different genres, resolutions, videos and various languages with subtitles. It definitely is the best movie streaming application.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, Windows & iOS


All the five applications mentioned above work almost the same way but with minor differences. You can try anyone of them and share your experience by writing your valuable comments below. Thank you!

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